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The Policies of Consignment at Once & Again

Repurposing Items Unwanted By One, Yet Desired By Another

  • The contracted consignment period is 120 days. For the purposes of documentation, the consignor receives an executed contract copy and an emailed listing sheet reflecting a description of all items consigned, the suggested pricing, and the expiry date of the contract. Consignors who do not have email access will receive the listing by mail. 

  • Once & Again has multiple pricing structures for consigned inventory: (a.) firm pricing with no reduction throughout the 120 day contract period (b.) a single 15% reduction in pricing throughout the 120 day contract period and (c.) a 15% reduction every 30 days throughout the 120 day contract period. Firm pricing is managed at the discretion of Once & Again and is based on the following: manufacturer, age, condition, and original pricing. 

  • At contract end, the remaining items can be renewed for an additional 120 day contract period,donated to one of our donate partners or returned to the consignor. If items are donated for the consignor, the receipt for tax purposes is sent to the consignor upon request.  For information on our donate partners, please see "The Community" page on this website. 

  • It is the responsibility of the consignor to inquire about the status of their consignment during the contract period. Once & Again does not notify consignors when items are sold. For the purposes of documentation, all updates and inquiries about existing contracts are managed in writing. If you are unable to email, we ask you to call the store for updates at (919) 489-5333.

  • Consignors are paid 50% of the final selling price for merchandise sold. Consignor payouts are prepared once each month, for the prior months sales. All consignor checks are mailed. 

  • All inventory is included in Once & Again sales and promotions.

  • Unsold consigned merchandise can be reconsigned for an additional 120 days at the consignor's request. 

  • Consigned inventory left in the store for more than 30 days after the contract expiry date, without being reconsigned, will be considered abandoned and will be managed at the discretion of Once & Again.

  • Once & Again does not accept inventory that has evidence of pets or from smoking environments. If furniture arrives for consignment with pet hair or other visible evidence of pets, it may be donated automatically. 

  • Once & Again does NOT accept the following items for consignment: lamps without shades, shades without lamps, dried floral arrangements, inventory which is stained, torn, with open seams or holes, items without all the parts included, items that are highly distressed and require new upholstery or refinishing, Once & Again does not consign IKEA furniture. 

  • Inventory should be cleaned, dusted, and ready to be placed on the sales floor. Inventory that reaches the store and must be cleaned, polished, etc. in order to be sold may result in the consignor's proceeds of the sale being reduced. 

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